What are the ingredients of each pie?

  • Each type of pie has the ingredients on the detail page. 

Where do you deliver?

  • We deliver within the Bay Area California. Check out our delivery zone map on the HOME page and also input your zip code on the CHECK OUT pages to see if we are delivering to your area. Delivery costs will be calculated at check out.

Are the pies sold baked?

  • No, all pies sold are frozen pre-baked with baking instructions provided. If you would like ready made pies please contact us with your request.

Where can I find Sade’s Pies?

  • At the moment, Sade’s Pies are only sold directly through our website. We currently do not sell in any stores.  

Do you ship? 

  • We are still working on shipping nationwide. If you really want your hands on some delicious Treats By Sade pies, then please contact us to discuss your specific request. 

What type of fish is used in the fish pies?

  • Yummy Mackerel fish.

How many pies are in a pack?

  • Each pack has 15 pies.


How does the delivery and pickup work?

  • We accept orders for delivery until Thursday 12pm for the forthcoming weekend. 
  • We accept pick up orders until Friday 12pm for VIP customers only. Order can be picked up on the Saturdays only.


I only see a delivery window, can I request a specific time?

  • Unfortunately not at this time. We can not predict an exact time but you can add delivery instructions to your order if you will not be at home. Eg leave with a neighbor, leave at the porch. However, please remember the pies will be delivered frozen and will need to be baked or kept frozen soon after delivery to maintain the taste. Once delivered, we are not responsible. 


What happens if I miss my delivery?

  • If you miss your delivery window and do not share details for alternative delivery instructions, we will contact you to rearrange a future delivery date. You will be charged for the inconveience and use of resources.


Can I pick up my order?

  • Currently pick up orders are only available to certain customers. If you are unable to book a delivery slot, please contact us to discuss shipping options.