Meet Sade

I started my journey without any idea of how it would morph over time. I learned and started cooking at the age of 12 in Nigeria prior to my family and I migrating to the USA.  The honest truth is, I never thought I would be into cooking since I was very much into fashion.  Since I considered myself a good cook (and others agreed) I started spending a lot of my spare time cooking and also taught myself how to bake.  This was the birth of my catering business. Not only was I now cooking for family, I was also catering events throughout my teens.  Fast forward to adulthood, in 2015, I decided to put myself out there as a budding business to friends and others.  My small scale business was narrowed even further to catering a single food item (Sade’s Pie) with options of different flavors / fillings.

Being a passionate foodie means making a great product that will keep customers coming back.  Food is an experience and it is part of enjoying life.  Making sure my food is tasty plus happy customers are important to me.  Treats by Sade was formed to bring an experience and reexperience to the taste of Africa.

Treat yourself!